Sick Dogs: Symptoms You Need Not Ignore

Dogs are furry, adorable creatures that bring meaning and fun to your life. This is why emotions run high when your furry baby turns severely sick. But you can avoid the phase of your dog being sick if you keep an eye on some symptoms that might reckon it is sick. 

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms that you should not ignore your dog’s health. 

High Temperature

Dogs tend to be a little warmer than humans so a slight fever might not be the issue. But a problem arises when the temperature of your dog runs a lot high most of the time. The normal dog temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5 Fahrenheit.

If the temperature of your dog remains more than that frequently, you should take your dog to the vet for immediate treatment as ignoring high temperatures in dogs can be dangerous. 

Excessive Drool 

Dogs drool for a lot of natural reasons. Some dog breeds are known to drool more than the other breeds. Dogs also drool when they are happy or excited about something. But the whole thing starts becoming an issue when the drool exceeds the limit of the normal drooling amount of the specific breed of your dog.

If your dog drools a lot, it means that it is suffering from either stomach issues or it might be experiencing a heat stroke. In both of these cases, your dog needs immediate treatment to avoid further health problems. 

Difficulty in Breathing

This is one of the most important symptoms that should never be ignored. If your dog is having trouble breathing, it could be suffering from severe diseases like allergies, choked throat, and heart disease. Furthermore, your dog can also suffer from anxiety, if it has trouble breathing. 


Taking care of your dog is your utmost responsibility. This means that you should never ignore any potential symptoms that might lead to bigger health issues in the future. 

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