Sick Cats: Symptoms You Need Not Ignore

To own a cat is quite a joy! It reduces the feeling of loneliness and sadness in your life. Studies show that cats can reduce stress and anxiety in their owners. But what to do when your favourite stress reliever itself shows symptoms that might lead to potential illness. 

This article will mention the sickness symptoms that you should never ignore in your cat.


Although cats are known to pant quite a lot during anxious activities, they don’t do it while they are in a relaxing situation. But if your cat is breathing through an open mouth or panting when it is supposed to relax, there is an underlying issue there. Continuous panting or open-mouthed breathing in cats is a sign that your cat might be suffering from any serious condition, like heart problems or cancer. If your cat is panting frequently, take it to a vet immediately to avoid any further complications. 

Sudden Weight Loss or Gain

Cats tend to put on weight when being overfed. But if you are not overfeeding your cat and it still gained weight suddenly without any explanation to it, there can be a potential illness hiding underneath. In the same way, if your cat suddenly loses weight without any diet or explanation for it, it can be a symptom of any dangerous disease. Sudden weight loss or gain by any cat means that the cat has any severe disease such as stomach issues, parasites, or diabetes. 

Excessive Meowing

Although people generally enjoy their cats meowing around them, too much meowing can be quite worrisome. If your cat is suddenly meowing too much, it can mean that she is in pain and needs immediate treatment. If your cat starts meowing or yowling too much, visit your vet. 


In conclusion, you should pay attention to the little symptoms to make sure that your cat is healthy and taken care of, so it can take care of you!

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