Alta x Schwartzi pups

(Blue Male) Tavis at 15 months

born 8-14-07 ~ all these puppies are reserved

Yellow Male with toy


Green M


Pink F


Pink/Blue F


Red M


No Collar M


Blue M


puppies at 7 weeks

During this past week I have taken the puppies for a ride in my van; they traveled well and fell asleep after a bit.  I have also been taking them for extended walks about the farm; they've met Linda the cat, the turkeys and guineas, run up and down, over and around the property!  No one has fallen in the creek however!  My neighbors have come over to meet them and pronounced them a 'very friendly' bunch!  They are physically big puppies, with nice balanced personalities.  As expected from their pedigree, they like to bite!

puppies at 6 weeks

puppies at 5 weeks

puppies at 4 weeks

puppies again

This week the pups are climbing out of the whelping pool each night so that I find them exploring the front porch when I get up in the morning!  The video this week was taken on a very cool and windy day (it is supposed to freeze tonight) and as such it's a lot of indoors.  We handle them very frequently and are beginning to see subtle differences in their personalities.  They are eating a little bit of kibble now, mostly gumming it since their teeth are not all the way through.  Alta's taking good care of them and continues to have plenty of milk!



puppies at 3 weeks

The largest of Alta's puppies now weigh 7# ~ quite large for a bouvier pup at 3 weeks.  They have been introduced to solid food (free range eggs and warm goat milk) and are beginning to play with little toys as well as one another.  They are on our front porch and get much attention as we come in and out to get to the kitchen.  I am handling them often and observe that they appear to be calm and relatively quiet pups.  We do hear some little barking which is alway fun for us!

puppies at 2 weeks

The pups continue to gain weight, the largest is up to 4# now.  Their eyes and ears have opened and they creep around a little bit.  I've moved them to our kennel building for this week while my 5 year old grandson is here ~ too much temptation to handle and perhaps drop them!  They come back to the kitchen next week.  Alta's continuing to take good care of them and is maintaining her weight well as she nurses.  Of course a diet of raw lamb and warm, fresh goat milk helps!

  puppies at 1 week

The pups have all gained weight equal to more than twice their birth weights, their tails have healed well and they are eating and sleeping well.  Alta is a good and kind mother to them, keeping them warm, clean and well fed.  We are handling them many times per day and have the radio on so that they will become accustomed to sounds as their ears open.  I will be putting cloth in their whelping pool this week so that they also have the experience of various surfaces and textures.

puppies 1 day old